March 5, 2011

Isver kui popp

Uks mu klientidest laheb uritusele uhesse country club'isse New Yorgis (mitte linnas vaid pohja poole "maa" alas). Klubi riietuste reeglid:
Dining Room Dress Code

Upstairs Bar/Terrace
During the day, tennis or golf attire may be worn. Gentlemen must not wear hats or caps in the Clubhouse. Workout attire should only be worn in the tennis building, exercise room or locker room.

After 6 p.m. in the Club’s Upstairs Bar, jackets must be worn, but ties are optional.

Main Clubhouse Dining Room
After 6 p.m. gentlemen and boys over fourteen must wear jackets and ties.

Beach Club
During the day, casual, tennis, golf attire and properly covered-up beach attire may be worn in the dining room. Gentlemen should not wear hats or caps in any of the dining rooms. Bare feet are not permitted in the cafeteria, dining room or the bar.

After 6 p.m. jackets must be worn, but ties are optional.

Golf Dress Code

Traditional golf shirts, tucked in, with collars and sleeves. Bermuda length shorts or golf slacks. Cargo-type shorts and pants are not considered appropriate attire.

Traditional golf shirts or blouses, with or without sleeves. Golf skirts, golf slacks or golf shorts with a minimum length of 18 inches as measured down from the bottom of the waistband.

Tennis Dress Code

All white tennis attire is required on all courts at all times – no exceptions, including warm-ups, sweatshirts and hats. From October 1st to April 30th, colored tennis warm-ups and sweatshirts are acceptable over all white tennis clothes. Collared shirts for men’s play. Improperly attired players will be asked to leave the courts.

Proper white flat-soled shoes are required on all surfaces. Running shoes may not be worn since they damage the court surface. Tennis shoes must not be worn in the Exercise Room or on the equipment.

Squash Dress Code

All white tennis wear including sweatshirts, warm-ups and hats are required for all matches in tournaments throughout the year. Colored warm-ups and sweatshirts are acceptable over all white tennis clothes. Protective eyewear is required of all players. In addition, we ask that you have two pairs of sneakers (proper non-marking sneakers) if you wish to mix squash and tennis.

Croquet Dress Code

All white attire (“tennis whites” are customary) is requested, and is required for all tournament matches. In addition, croquet players must wear tennis sneakers or similar lightly treaded shoes without heels or with soft rubber heels (such as “topsiders”) to avoid damaging the playing surface.


  1. hissand, võta või paber kaasa ja tõmba linnukesi, et mis on ja mis puudu. mis tean mina dresscodest, aga ainus kord, kui tööseminaril oli korraldus "business casual", läks mul koffer kaotsi ja istusin teksadega nagu vana mees, sest öösel ju poed, ülla-ülla, lahti polnud...

  2. Murphy's law.. :) Aga see siin on ikka liig. Koik peavad uleni valges tennist mangima??? Ajal kui inimesed isegi restorani ja teatrisse minnes ei viitsi end teksadest/dressipluusidest valja ajada. Mnjaa...

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